The Best 20 Songs Of The Best Pink Floyd

The Best 20 Songs Of The Best Pink Floyd 

I think here is no ways to finding the best song. Often people have different choices. Sometime my most favorite song can't touch a heart. Some even I don’t like want to hear it. It’s depends on our mood and taste.    It’s natural.The Best song are those song which one touch thousands hearts . 
This list that made by me depends on the different music download sites twitter and a Facebook page and some of Pink Floyd Fans in my community . And many posts about Pink Floyd .
I cannot say whether it’s best or worst .it depends on you. But i try to Please leave a comment.

Song Name
1.Comfortably Numb

 The Wall
2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Wish You Were Here
3. Time
The Dark Side of the Moon
4. Us and Them
The Dark Side of the Moon
4. Another Brick in the Wall 1, 2, and 
3 Different albums/The wall
5. Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here
6. Brain Damage / Eclipse
Brain Damage
7. Brain Damage
Brain Damage
8. When the Tigers Broke Free
Pink Floyd The Wall (film soundtrack) / The Final Cut (2004 reissue)
9. Hey You
The Wall
10. Dogs
11. Mother
The Wall
12. On the Turning Away

13. Atom Heart Mother
Atom Heart Mother
14. Speak to Me / Breathe
The Dark Side of the Moon
15. The Gunner's Dream
The Final Cut
16. Goodbye Blue Sky
The Wall
17. One of These Days
18. Echoes
19. The Narrow Way
20. Have a Cigar
Wish You Were Here

Follow this link to know about Pink Floyd || To visit the picture Gallery of Pink Floyd Picture Gallery Of Pink Floyd || And For album Pink Floyd Music Albums

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Rohit Sharma said...

Listing A bands Music Is a heard task . Though i found my favorite song in in the list but not i right place . You should move mother a little upper please .

Mohin said...

All is well . :)
I like it . For leftest News you can visit .

Mohin said...

Us and them is the most worst song among the list .

SREERAJ M said...


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Kyle Beat Thang said...

Hey so I was searching some Pink Floyd songs (one of the guys who uses Beat Thang was their producer for a few songs), and I've found it with your post. Going to play some of these songs now, thanks for the post. And as Rohit said, listing music like this is tough, everyone has their own opinion - I'll check back here soon, thanks.

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